Quality Policy

We attach great importance to strict quality standards.

All starts with:

R&D team; Our engineers develop new products, starting by the technical design which is checked and approved first to be sure to create the correct product using the right inner part according the customer’s needs. We’re offering a broad range of products for different kind of applications requiring different features such as very low temperatures or highly corrosive environments.

And, at the same time, they expand the necessary production technologies. The machines on which our products are manufactured are built in our main plant.

Below are the key points:

  • Correct use and choice of inner parts
  • Accurate calculations
  • Design according to the place of use
  • Analyzing function needs



Quality team is divided in 3 groups.

Input Quality Control;

  • Raw material control
  • Visual and functional control

Serial Quality;

  • Control of production processes
  • Efficiency checks

Final Quality;

  • Visual elements
  • Measurements (Length, Force)