Gas Springs / Traction

Gas Springs / Traction

TURKAS Traction Gas Springs are designed to be used in applications which have a limited space to use standard gas springs. This advantage comes from the opposite way of working compared to standard gas springs. That's to say, piston rod of traction gas springs is designed to be remain inside of the pressurized tube when no load is applied.

Traction gas springs can be utilized both for opening and closing flaps, windows and hatchways based on different mounting positions. They also serve as tensioners in machinery and other industrial applications.

Working Principles

Traction gas springs has a working principle in opposite of the standard gas springs. When the piston rod of a standard gas spring tends to stay opened, traction gas springs are designed to remain in closed position when no load is applied. This feature comes from a different inner design and assembling which makes the highly inner pressure keeping the piston rod inside of the tube. 



Available for counter balancing and tensioner function

A good alternative for small spaces / Small space occupation

Available in inox bodies

Variety of sizes and forces depending on your needs


Machinery applications

Small spaces

Doors, hatches, lids, covers

Furniture applications

Special design constructions


Available with body diameters of 15 to 48 mm and forces from 50N to 5000N

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