Blocklift / Rod End Pin

Blocklift / Rod End Pin
Multiple Positioning, Rigid Or Flexible Locking, Controlled and Easy Triggering


TURKAS Blocklifts are lockable gas springs which offer a reliable and effortless locking function while opening, closing, and positioning even considerably heavy constructions. This is gained with a particular piston/release design which separates the two compression rooms in the spring and makes it a child’s play to lock the spring along the full stroke length.

TURKAS Blocklifts are designed and manufactured based on the most binding Quality procedures dictated by ISO 9001 and they serve to the satisfaction of each customer’s requirements.

Working Principles

Blocklifts are well-known gas springs types for their locking function along the full stroke length. This function comes from a special system that creates two separate pressure rooms in the tube and makes it possible to stop and move with an easy push to their release pin which can be located either at the end of the piston rod or on the tube end. Blocklift works like a normal gas spring if the release pin is pressed and pressed or extended according to the force / loaded weight. Whenever the release pin is not in pushed position, Blocklift locks itself immediately and stays still.

There are three types of Blocklifts based on their reaction in the locked position. Rigid in compression which shows a slight flex when the piston rod is being pulled. Rigid in extension which shows a slight flex when the piston rod is being compressed. Flexible which shows flex in both directions.

  • Anytime locking with flexible or rigid characteristics
  • Controlled weight management when holding, lowering, opening, and closing
  • Locking function in both extended and compressed position
  • Variable sizes and functions based on application point
  • Compact design for installation in the smallest of spaces
  • Maintenance-free, even at high loads, with long service life
  • Position free installation and storage
  • Small space occupation
  • Medical Technology
  • Bus Seating Systems
  • Furniture Industry
  • Automotive Industry

Available with body diameters of 22 and 27 mm and forces from 200 to 1500N

Open length availability from 140mm to 720mm

Broad selection of end fittings and release systems