Gas Springs / Dynamic

Gas Springs / Dynamic

TURKAS Dynamic Gas Springs provide soft opening and closing. The advantage of a dynamic gas spring is that it can be fitted with the piston rod in any direction, which means that stroke braking can be achieved even if the piston rod is not pointing downwards. Damping occurs by means of gas transfer in a longitudinal track inside the gas spring cylinder. This allows for more constant and controlled damping, which produces less impact on the surrounding application.

Working Principles

Dynamic gas springs works regardless of position: horizontally or with the piston rod pointing upwards.

This is possible because the damping is not achieved via the nozzle, as with conventional gas springs, but is controlled by a groove in the cylinder. As a result, the soft movement and characteristics always remain the same in every position.


Soft opening and closing

Controlled movement in most of the working stroke 

Vertical or horizontal mounting without any difference in function


Dynamically dampened gas springs are commonly used in applications that do not allow the piston rod to be facing downward in the open position, while maintaining the ability for soft and controlled damping.


Available with body diameters of 15 to 28 mm and forces from 50N to 2500N

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