Shock Absorber / Damper

Shock Absorber / Damper

Unexpected and harmful loads can appear within the structure of various machinery and equipment, diminishing their life cycle and threatening the stability. Turkas Oil Vibration Dampers transfer the dynamic energy of equipment into self-generated damping, welcoming hard shocks in applications.

Turkas Oil Vibration Dampers feature a parallel force distribution in the extension and compression directions. Standard oil dampers offer evenly defined damping also when the movement is changed the other way.

After the load is reversed, the damping will start instantly and this will lead to a force transmission thanks to the special inner piston design of the product. This function happens in both directions and can bet set individually and independently from each other. It’s enough to tell us about your application’s force requirements and let us offer you the best solution.


  • Easy and smooth control
  • Small installation space required
  • Handling the stress and hard stops in application



Necessary loads while opening and closing, lifting and lowering lids might be uncontrolled, risky, and harmful on the material.

Turkas Oil Vibration Dampers will help you out to take care of this issue. They are used as a safety element to control the speed of moving masses. Through their damping force, they are suitable for controlling the sudden stopping of weights. They also reduce material wear by avoiding hard stops in the end position.

Thanks to their damping force, they assist a comfortable movement while opening and closing of equipment; they also contribute to the long-life cycle by absorbing hard stops in the end position.

Turkas Motion dampers are one of the best options in terms of quality and price wise perspectives offering a smooth and controlled movements.


  • Smooth and comfortable movements
  • Outstanding cost/benefit ratio
  • High quality and long life performance