Shock Absorber / Cabin

Shock Absorber / Cabin

Shock absorber reduces the vibrations caused by uneven/unbalanced roads. Turkas shoch absorbers offer safety, comfort, and stability. Improved comfort levels reduce driver fatigue, increasing performance and thereby driving safety. Depending on the body type and structure there are various types of shock absorbers you may find in our range.



The coil spring is assembled on the damper. It is designed in different spring characteristics depending on the use case. The cabin level is free of the system and is not controlled by. It depends on the load. Different cabin weights require the spring suspension to have different weight carrying capacities to maintain ride height levels. We achieve this by adjusting the features of the coil spring like spring rates, dimensions and thickness.


  • Small Installation
  • Flexibility and comfort
  • Robustness



Air system is that allows the owner to easily adjust the ride height and level of his vehicle. Because the level of the suspension can be matched to the load that is being pulled, the vehicle is made more adaptable, safety is improved. As good ride comfort is based on low natural frequency, cabin suspensions especially in medium and heavy-duty vehicles are equipped with pneumatic suspension.

Interior pressure of 5 bar in the air spring bellows allows for carrying forces of between 2,000 and 4,000 N. A special air spring piston shape for the air spring yields low spring rates in the mid stroke, but a very strong progression in the compressed position. The cabin remains stable at higher levels of driving comfort.


  • Reduced noise and vibration
  • Comfort
  • Versatility on load